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Exciting New Partnership with Prevention Is Key!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Cowart Trauma Informed Partnership is thrilled to announce that plans are underway with Prevention Is Key to present specialized training opportunities to the community on topics related to trauma and it's effects, the importance of building resilience for recovery, and trauma-informed care!

For our first joint project, we will be hosting a webinar trauma-informed policing for law enforcement officers and other justice workers in the Morris County area of New Jersey! Many police departments across the country have come to realize that fostering a better understanding of trauma can have a beneficial impact on their law enforcement abilities. This course will highlight how recognizing the symptoms and responding with a trauma-informed approach can lead to better results in law enforcement and justice work.

In the words of Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, "It's critical that law enforcement officers recognize the signs of trauma, fear and vulnerability in the individuals they encounter so that these officers continue to hold positions of trust in the community. Likewise, we must acknowledge that officers suffer trauma too and may require expert care."

At a time when police officials are under extreme scrutiny and the level of trauma in our society has been declared an epidemic, it is crucial that law enforcement professionals are able to de-escalate situations successfully in their work.

As Morris County Prosecutor Fredric Knapp said, "De-escalation by law enforcement officers is critically important, especially in dealing with individuals suffering from trauma or mental illness. We look forward to addressing strategies to deal with such circumstances as provided in this webinar."

COTIP is delighted to be part of this project, and looks forward to other opportunities to further this work by partnering with other law enforcement and justice organizations throughout the country.

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