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Join us for Trauma Informed Care Training this Thursday!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Have you ever thought:

"I know about trauma, but I don't know how to help my clients or staff who have experienced it. I certainly don't want to make things worse."

Trauma Informed Care is designed to help YOU implement a trauma-informed approach throughout your organization! This course provides an introductory understanding, and will equip you with tools you can use right away.

We all know that the everything changed last March.

Even before, studies showed that a significant portion of the population have experienced trauma, or harmful or life-threatening events which have impacted their everyday functioning or well-being. Research shows that individuals living in poverty or with a disability are even more at risk for having experienced trauma in their lifetimes. Add in a global pandemic and a social justice movement unlike any we have seen in decades. Tensions were already at an all-time high when the US Capitol was breached, highlighting the divisions in our population, the erosion of trust in our government, and the difference in how Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color are treated by law enforcement.

Many of us are experiencing the full-force of these traumatic events—and children are just as susceptible as anyone else.

This course is designed to bridge the gap from

knowing about the effects of trauma

to being able to fully implement a

trauma-informed approach in your organization!

This course is essential for anyone who works with the public and goes beyond the information available in many other trainings. In addition to learning what trauma is, its possible effects, and how to recognize the signs, this course will teach you how you and your organization can respond appropriately.

Ever timely, due to the increased impact of trauma our society is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recent hate crimes, and horrific events prompting the current social justice movement, this live webinar will help you support healing and build relationships that will endure all life's challenges.

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