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Special Educational Event for Ski and Snowboard Instructors!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Announcing a groundbreaking new educational opportunity!

Presented by

in partnership with

is a live webinar event, for which eligible

PSIA-AASI members can earn CEU credit!

Trauma has been identified as an epidemic in our society.  Studies indicate that a significant portion of the population have experienced harmful or life-threatening events which have

impacted their everyday functioning or well-being.  The natural environment of snow sports and the conditions of ski resorts are likely to present triggering conditions for individuals who have experienced trauma, such as unpredictability, sensory overload, and pushing athletes outside their comfort zone.

Given this information, and the knowledge that it is possible to build a person's ability to overcome serious hardship, it is clear that all snow sports instructors should implement a trauma-informed approach when working with athletes. Since research further shows that individuals living with a disability are more at risk for having experienced trauma in their lives,

adaptive instructors, in particular, should develop the skills to de-escalate frightening and triggering situations and build strong relationships with athletes. This will enhance athletes' experiences and foster their resilience.

PSIA-AASI instructors have long been regarded as the gold-standard when it comes to professionalism on the slopes.  To further this reputation, it is essential that members are trauma-informed and equipped with the skills necessary to respond when difficult situations arise.

This session will introduce the topic of trauma-informed care in snow sports instruction, and will include:

  • An explanation of what trauma is and why it matters in relation to snow sports instruction;

  • An overview of the effects of trauma and how it can present; and

  • Concrete tools to help instructors avoid the retraumatization of athletes, de-escalate situations when necessary, and help athletes build resilience.

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