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What's all this talk about "trauma?"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Lately, it appears as if the word "trauma" is popping up everywhere.

A quick Google search of news stories returns 23 pages of results for the past 24 hours and about 35.6 million results within the last year.

So what is trauma, and why is it such a hot topic?

Trauma is a harmful or life-threatening event experienced by an individual that has lasting impacts on their everyday functioning or well-being, and it has been identified as an epidemic in our society. Studies indicate that approximately 78% of the population have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives.

Right now, we are experiencing two tremendous and historic events that are impacting large swatches of our society: COVID-19 and the civil rights movement. People are living with toxic stress due to their isolation, loss, and exposure to overwhelming stories and images of social injustice.

There is good news! Resilience, a person's ability to overcome serious hardship, can be grown over time.

Join us for a live webinar!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

2 p.m. EDT

We will explain what trauma is, its possible effects, and how to recognize the signs. In addition, this course will teach how you and organizations can respond appropriately. Designed for anyone who works with the public or wants a better understanding of their interpersonal relationships, this live webinar will help you support healing and avoid retraumatization.  It will provide a framework and concrete tools to help you build strong, lasting relationships.

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