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This training introduces multiple applications of trauma-informed care for an educational setting.  Intended for educators who know about trauma and it's possible negative impacts, and are looking for practical applications they can put to use right away.


Specifically, this training includes:

  • How to build resilence in students;
  • How to recognize stress responses and identify appropriate interventions;
  • How to create a sensory escape area;
  • How to develop appropriate trauma-related accomodations for students;
  • De-escalation techniques; and
  • Frequently asked questions on applying trauma-informed care in education.

Applying Trauma-Informed Care to Education

  • This purchase is for individual use and viewing only, and the buyer agrees not to share with anyone else.  Within 24-hours of purchase, the buyer will recieve a link to the pre-recorded session, which will grant access for thirty days.

    Refunds are not availabe for this item.

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