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This is a series of pre-recorded trainings, in which we examine the concept of marginalization and its impact on learning, and provide concrete tools which educators can use right away to help support students.


Marginalization is the exclusion of a disadvantaged person or group to the fringe of society.  It results in individuals being overlooked when laws, policies, and practices are established that protect the privileged class, and leads to adverse community environments (such as poverty, poor housing, and lack of mobility) that promote fertile ground for structural violence and harm (such as racism and disproportionate child welfare removals).  Children growing up in these environments are at risk for poor health and educational outcomes, the adoption of risky behaviors, and involvement with the child welfare and criminal justice systems.


This series will help you develop a better understanding of marginalized students, and provide strategies grounded in a trauma-informed approach to help you support them in your classrooms, schools, and community.  It will include a detailed look into the experiences of children from several marginalized communities, and offer techniques that are designed to help students feel safe, empowered, and able to focus on the higher-level thinking necessary for educational achievement.


Specifically, this class will focus on methods for supporting:

  • Students with disabilities or special health needs;
  • Students who are English language learners or new Americans;
  • Students who are experiencing homelessness;
  • Students who are members of the LGBQT+ community;
  • Students in foster care or who were adopted; and
  • Survivors of intimate partner violence or human trafficking.


Note:  Individual segments of this series can also be purchased seperately.

Supporting Marginalized Students: A Trauma-Informed Approach (Full Series)

  • This purchase is for individual use and viewing only, and the buyer agrees not to share with anyone else.  Within 24-hours of purchase, the buyer will recieve a link to the pre-recorded session, which will grant access for thirty days.

    Refunds are not availabe for this item.

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