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This course will help you implement trauma informed care throughout your organization. It is great for individuals who already have a background understanding of trauma and its effects or who have limited time and want to be proactive in making real, concrete changes as soon as possible. Participants will learn the key principles of a trauma-informed approach and how they can be molded to best fit your organization.


This version is best for those who want instant access to information and would prefer to digest this information without other participants. Further assistance can always be accessed later through our staff training, operational consulting, and policy review services.


Click here to access the live webinar version of this training.



Tips for Implementing Trauma-Informed Care

  • This purchase is for individual use and viewing only, and the buyer agrees not to share with anyone else.  Within 24-hours of purchase, the buyer will recieve a link to the pre-recorded session, which will grant access for thirty days.

    Refunds are not availabe for this item.

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