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This is a series of pre-recorded trainings, in which we examine the concept of trauma and its possible effects on students and teachers, the research on toxic stress and how it can impact a child’s education, the key principles of a trauma-informed approach, and how to apply them in an educational setting.


Studies indicate that a significant portion of the population have experienced trauma, or harmful or life-threatening events which have impacted their everyday functioning or well-being. Research shows that individuals living in poverty or with a disability are even more at risk for having experienced trauma. In addition, the current global pandemic and nationwide social justice and civil rights movement are adding to the trauma felt by our communities—and students are just as susceptible to the impacts of trauma as anyone else.


Specifically, these trainings will cover:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and why they are important;
  • The full scope of trauma beyond ACEs;
  • The relationship between stress and traumatic experiences;
  • The possible effects of trauma;
  • The symptoms of trauma;
  • The basics of resilience and trauma-informed care; and
  • The risk of vicarious, or secondary, trauma.


But wait!  There's more!


As part of this package, you will also recieve Applying Trauma-informed Care to Education, which is designed to provide educators practical applications they can put to use in their classrooms right away.  Topics in this segment include:

  • How to apply trauma-informed care in an educational setting, including;
    • How to build resilence in students;
    • How to recognize stress responses and identify appropriate interventions;
    • How to create a sensory escape area;
    • How to develop appropriate trauma-related accomodations for students;
  • De-escalation techniques; and
  • Frequently asked questions on applying trauma-informed care in education.

Intro to Trauma-Informed Education (Full Series)

  • This purchase is for individual use and viewing only, and the buyer agrees not to share with anyone else.  Within 24-hours of purchase, the buyer will recieve a link to the pre-recorded session, which will grant access for thirty days.

    Refunds are not availabe for this item.

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